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Anthem Candid Care

This Anthem Candid Care project was one of our most fun to date. The vibe on set was spot on. The perfect combination of crew, talent and clients converged to make for a super collaborative, low stress and enjoyable two days of shooting.

Anthem wanted this video to feel like a hidden camera stunt, not overly polished or commercial. The idea was that they staged an actor couple in a real-life ER, and everyone else was an actual patient in an emergency room late at night. Of course in reality everyone was an actor, because there’s no way a hospital would let a camera crew in for something like this during a global pandemic.

We secured one location that we were able to transform into a hospital. The vacant office building served as both our exterior final shot and the waiting room as well as the space where the virtual doctor took the appointment. The Art Department worked wonders with signage, lighting and an ambulance for the exterior night shoot. What was a boring office lounge came to life as a busy hospital ER with the right set design and propping.

After the shoot wrapped up we also handled post-production, including edit, graphics, color and sound design.

  • Production
  • Post-Production